K-State Salina featured in agricultural piece on Iowa Public Television as experts in UAS

Mark Blanks, UAS Program Manager, featured in Iowa Public Television program.

As interest and curiosity in unmanned aircrafts continue to grow, K-State Salina is once again at the forefront of the discussion. Iowa Public Television aired a segment on Jan. 3 and 5 on their weekly agra and business program, “Market to Market” highlighting K-State Salina as a leader in this emerging field.

Focusing on the integration of unmanned aircraft systems, or UAS, and agriculture, the program featured Mark Blanks, UAS Program Manager, as well as the Manhattan campus during the Unmanned Systems Conference in October.

Josh Buettner, who produced the story, traveled to the Little Apple during the conference and spoke with Blanks, as well as Kirk Demuth, UAS Chief Pilot, about the advantages for farmers that would use unmanned aircraft systems along with their regular equipment. Buettner says he was surprised to find out about the improved environmental impact and how much money agronomists could save with the help of the aircraft.

K-State Salina is one of the first two universities in the United States to offer a Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and the program has been featured in many other publications and broadcasts.

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